History boasts Beauty: 200 Capital Ave NE

History reveals itself in this house! Over the last couple of weeks our team has been gathering information on this beautiful historic home which we currently have under contract to buy. We brought some of the great contractors we enjoy working with to the house and put together estimates. The house has a solid foundation and a lot of charm with Queen Anne Victorian Architecture and Historic Recognition. We have really enjoyed digging into the history of this house. The following photo was snipped from the Battle Creek Historic Preservation Plan published December of 1995 in regard to Queen Anne style architecture.2

The rock solid build quality isn’t often seen in many of todays new builds. From the rock foundation in the basement, the brick finish and the cedar shake, this house has stood for 131 years and will remain for decades to come.

As with other ornate Victorian-era architecture, Queen Anne architecture found its most complete expression in detached homes that showcased its sculptural shapes and ornamented skin. These houses were typically built of wood, allowing the designer unfettered artistic expression in the patterns and details that define the style. Bold and unconventional color schemes were also a Queen Anne trait. Single-story, wrap-around porches were essential to detached Queen Anne style homes. Frequently, the porch was framed by decorative columns, brackets, or applied ornament. In urban areas, townhouses often featured a second-story porch, sometimes recessed into gables or towers.1

There is no denying that Queen Anne houses are some of the most stunning and striking styles around. The ornamented finish and the curved features of this house bring beauty to downtown Battle Creek. We are excited to see this house find the right investor that will restore her to her former glory. If you are interested in this house then we urge you to give us a call at (269) 425-1213. You can also see all the photos and details here: https://www.sellpoint.com/propertyDetails.aspx?caseId=33163402

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