Repairs? My house is in disrepair!

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As homeowners let me just say, we’ve all been there. We’ve all been there when the roof develops a leak and next thing you know there’s a 3 foot hole in your roof. Okay, maybe we haven’t ALL been there, however, we’ve all dealt with surprising, or possibly not so surprising issues in our home. It may be the kitchen faucet is broken, the sewer pipe is broken in the basement, a window was broken by a wild elbow, and the list goes on. The repairs begin to add up quickly, and if your not a handyman or have the cash to pay for repairs, you could be stuck in a decaying home.

So why not list your house with a realtor and get a fresh start? Did you know that most retail financing is contingent upon the inspections and the condition of the home? That means that any repairs that an inspector finds, and they always find repairs, will be placed on you to either fix or pay to fix in order for the sale to go through. Then the process repeats itself, over and over again, not to mention the constant strangers walking through your house on a daily basis!

This is where Property Recyclers can help. We can help because we want to buy houses that need repair! It doesn’t matter whether you are living in the house or the house has been abandoned for years on end. The best part is that we buy these houses as is so there are no required repairs, junk removal, or cleaning on your end. We just buy your houses, straight up. So if your house needs a little TLC, or it needs A LOT of TLC, we want to help. Visit our website at or call us today at (269) 425-1213. It’s that easy!